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As screens and technology become more and more a part of our lives in the modern world, the opportunity to get lost in the simple joy of drawing, painting and making is so very important for children and adults alike.

We believe that our unique projects and way of teaching should be available to all children throughout the UK: to educate and advance artistic interest, and inspire those who may not have even considered art before.

Creativity plays such an enormous part in the development of children’s brains, and the more that art is sidelined in schools, the more important it is that companies such as Cygnets exist to keep that creativity alive.

As artists ourselves, we understand the rarity of being able to work in the creative industry, in a job that not only pays the bills, but is flexible, fun and stimulating: allowing you the freedom to travel, spend time with loved ones, and focus on your own creative work, around the business. It’s a huge part of our ethos to offer this opportunity to other creatives of all ages, throughout the country. We want everyone who works with Cygnets to value and enjoy the work they do with us.

100% of Cygnets Franchisees strongly agreed that being part of the Cygnets community has helped them with their business.
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Cygnets is an amazing

franchise of children's art schools in the UK. Our focus is on the teaching of traditional drawing, painting & sculpture, combined with unique projects; experienced teachers, and professional quality materials.

Becoming a Cygnets franchisee allows you to start your very own art school, and become part of our creative community across the country.

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